Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Not your mother's advertising

It's that time again. My favorite adverting. This time it's 1960s ads targeting housewives. 

I am so confused. Why is her face going to fall off? 

Again...perplexed. Because clearly the only satisfactory answer to this riddle is - 965 Madison Ave at the Christian Louboutin store. 

Actually....ah, no. The "No. 1 reason for Midol" is not "Your Guy" It's so that she doesn't stab you in the eye with a tampon. 

Which brings me to my next favorite ad....

Why yes. Happy place. 
But for those 60's women without prescribed drugs there is hope in the following....

Thanks for breaking it down for me in small words. So do you mean that dapper gentleman with the big pump doesn't want a brainy woman? well then....

I may have graduated magna cum laude, but I can't wait to clean this oven! 

And when your typical 60's housewife is done frying her brain with valium, gasoline and oven fumes, this is surely her greatest desire....

hmmm, if I am half naked on a pole and there are scary clowns around me ....NOT A GOOD DREAM. (but I do like her gloves.) 

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