Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Becoming Marilyn…the real story

Lots of surprises researching Marilyn Monroe. I had not realized just how much movie executives transformed her face. There was the obvious platinum blonde hair, but also a nose job, chin implants, and electrolysis to reshape her hairline. (A widows peak was considered the height of fashion…wish that one would come back.) 

Norma Jean….before she became Marilyn Monroe. 

Sometimes, her dresses had horse padding sewn into the bodice, not to make her breasts appear larger, but to reshape them. According to designer William Travilla, Marilyn’s breasts were set far apart and low so he would sew a button into the bodice to make her nipples appear higher. (1) She was also rumored to give herself enemas to manage bloating - an extremely dangerous practice. And no, Marilyn was never fat. Her dimensions when she was the most fit:  36D-23-35. 

I have chosen to omit the plastic surgery and bathroom hijinx because it doesn’t quite fit with the theme of empowered women who changed the fashion world. (Especially for young girls.) There are many examples of how Marilyn refused to become a puppet to the movie executives. (Saving those bits for the book.) The plastic surgery was done when she was just a scared kid, had little money, and not much of a future. I would like to think that the more mature Marilyn would have refused. (2)

A sneak peak at some of the art for I Feel Pretty

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(1) This could be problematic if you lost a button. 
(2) But I also believe that people with Chinese symbols tattooed on their body have secret regrets. 

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