Friday, August 23, 2013

The Raucous Royals Returns

I have missed all my fellow history geeks. I had to take time off from work and stop blogging due to my son's health problems. Now, he is better and after a little prodding from some well-intentioned editors....the blog is back.

So what will the new and improved Raucous Royals contain? To start, a lot of fashion related history, a little bit of the morose (of course) and tons on the premodern era (the Tudors are back!) The free newsletter will now be bi-montly. (sign up on the left hand side)

What have I been up to? is a little clue:

In the meantime, you can catch up on your useless history knowledge with some archived posts:

The Bizarre

Love and Romance



The Pink Lady said...

This is the best news ever!!!!!!

Amy S. said...

I am so ridiculously happy about this! I've missed this blog so much.

Anne Tudor said...

Welcome back you have been missed.

Cleo C. Schmidt-Kastner said...

So happy you're back. I hope you will write a series of posts about the new CW show called "Reign" about Mary, Queen of Scots. :)

I'm kind of miffed about it because it's like a historical take on Gossip Girl (although, I liked GG). Hehehe!

Bearded Lady said...

I have watched reign and it of course a very loose interpretation but….the costumes. They are so creative and sumptuous - In a modern take on the era. I have been watching purely for the costumes!

I will try to do a full post on it later.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so behind on the times, but also thrilled! Happy to hear that your son's health has also improved!