Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meeeeeeeeooooow. Cat Fights!

Get out the claws. If you are going to pull a Tanya Harding, these ladies show how to fight with finesse.

These medieval wenches are not messing around. They have thrown their wimples to the ground and are going straight for the Jersey Shore hair pulling. They appear to be fighting over a white cloth? Methinks Gwenda has found Beatrice’s undergarments in her husband’s feather bed. Either that, or they are giving each other a good scalp massage. (1)

Tightly pulled corsets are not keeping these London dames from beating the snot out of each other. What is that strange sausage like object about to come crashing down onto a finely coiffed bun? That would be a sandbag. Wait for it.....here comes the history part. (2) Sandbagging was popular with gangs in the late nineteenth century as a way to pummel your nemesis without leaving a mark. It is a very deceptive weapon. Although it may look fairly harmless, it delivers an incredibly strong blow. (3)
And yes, that is where we get the origins of the word – sandbagging- hiding your strengths to later unseat your opponent. 
Of course, no one brawls like the Victorians.  Here we have a Girls Gone Wild "Police Gazette" article reporting on two ladies fighting for the “hand of handsome Charley Ford.” You can see the outcome in the background as the victor is carried off to her true love with her heaving chest half-exposed. Charley is one lucky bloke.

The French do everything with a tad more joie de vivre. These young ladies from Armand VallĂ©e 1921 are taking up their boxing gloves in style. And really, why would you wear clothes? Boxing is so much more fun naked. (4) 

(1) If any of you medieval manuscript experts know exactly what they are doing, please share.
(2) I won't always warn you.
(3) I am basing this opinion on what it feels like to have my son's sock monkey slammed across my face.
(4) In case you are wondering, I am an authority on this subject.

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