Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Answer #6

Codpiece #7: Charles IX (the disappearing codpiece)
oh no, you see what is happening here...the codpiece is getting lost to the pumpkin breeches. This was a trend that would continue until the end of 16th century.

This painting is by Francois Clouet and shows a man far more mentally stable than he was in real life. Charles IX's crazy side manifested itself in his love for the hunt where he was known to rip animals apart with his bare hands. He was also prone to tantrums that made even his mother fear for her safety. But he was a snazzy dresser.


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Very interesting post. It does make it look like he's um extremely small in that area. I find Don Carlos incredibly interesting. Have you read any of the plays about him? Peter Barnes wrote an interesting one called Bewitched.

Stella da Genova said...

I can see his mother whoopin' him up if he did injure her! Maybe not, but Catherine de Medici was no shrinking violet. Charles WAS kind of a crazy cat; his times were pretty wild, too. The infamous St. Bartholemew's Day Massacre happened during his reign as King of France didn't it? Well, I first learned of him from the movie "La Reine Margot" based on the fictional novel by Alexandre Dumas. Excellent movie by the way!

Bearded Lady said...

Elizabeth - I have not read any of the plays on Don Carlos. But you are the second person who has recommended Bewitched. I will check it out. thanks.

Brooke, Yes, the St. Bart's massacre really pushed Charles over the edge. I am actually a big fan of Catherine de Medici and I think she gets far too much blame for the St. Bart's Massacre. (Those pesky Guise brothers caused much of the ruckus!) I have to do a post on them soon.

La Reine Margot is one of my favorite movies!