Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Raucous Schools Visits - where to find a urine flask?

I am now booking school visits for Spring and Fall of 2010. Most of March is booked, but I have openings in April and May. This year, I won't be doing any out of state visits. It is just too hard with a nursing infant at home. I am rushing to get my brochures out before Christmas. If you want some information sent to your MA school then email me your mailing address at

Each presentation is customized to the school's curriculum, but I have got a lot of requests for more art focused presentations this year. Usually the focus is on writing, so it's great to see art get some time in the classrooms. In my art presentation, I demo digital painting using a wacom pressure sensitive tablet and laptop. At the end, I always do a brief activity with the kids and one lucky child gets to do their activity on the tablet. I am always amazed at how quickly kids pick up digital painting. (Adults....not so fast).

For more information on school visits:
For younger classrooms go to and click on school visits or download a teaching curriculum for ideas.
The Raucous Royals presentation is for older classrooms (3rd+). I am trying to finish a teaching curriculum soon. Stay tuned....

Where does one find a urine flask?

Lastly, I am trying to gather some props for my presentation on my next book, I Feel Better with a Frog in my Throat. It's a picture book illustrating history's strangest medical cures. I have been searching everywhere trying to find a medieval looking urine flask. (like the one shown in this picture). I am wondering if any festival goers know where I could buy one?

My diabolical plan is to put apple juice in it and show how physicians used urine to diagnose illness by inspecting color, clarity and most importantly...taste. But of course, I don't plan to tell kids that it is apple first. (It was either swill fake urine or demo how leeches and maggots work. It's tough to get the typical 3rd grader's attention!)


Dorilys said...

That flask looks very similar to the erlenmeyer flasks used in science class. I'm sure you can find them without the measurements written on the side.

Google rounded glass flasks.

Bearded Lady said...

Ya, I think you are right. I could get away with an erlenmeyer flask. And I did find them without measurements. thanks!