Monday, December 7, 2009

Etsy Shop Grand Opening and royal giveaway!

It must have been all that "nesting syndrome" during my pregnancy, but I took up a new craft called needle felting. It is basically stabbing pieces of wool roving with a barbed needle to form a soft, woolly creation. I was so hormonal during the last month of my pregnancy that I think the constant stabbing kept me from hurting my loved ones. The wool looks like this. I have sculpted with clay all my life, but never taken on soft sculpture and now I am addicted. If anyone is interested in a tutorial on how it is done, then I will post something on my art blog. The example to the left is my version of Edgar Allan Poe.

It's hard to let go of them after spending 40+ hours stabbing away but I have some of my creations for sale now in my new etsy shop called The Queen's Coffer (of course). I will also be doing custom pet portraits (shown right). I can do horses, cats, dogs, lizards...or whatever marsupial you keep as a pet. It's a great way to memorialize a beloved pet.

I also will be selling some of my jewelry designs soon. I have a series called the six wives of Henry VIII bracelets (The Catherine of Aragon is shown to the left). So in celebration of the Queen's Coffer grand opening, I will be giving away the matching Catherine of Aragon earrings shown below. They are made with Swarovski crystals in jet black and black diamond offset with silver seed beads. ($20.00) Of course, there will be a quiz to pick the winner....more to come later this week.

Other giveaways - reminder that all newsletter subscribers are entered to win The Raucous book of the month - Wolf Hall. I have not enjoyed a book this much since I was kid hiding my smutty V.C. Andrews books from my mother. Hilary Mantel's award winning book has a tad more intellectual prowess to it and I don't have to stash it under the pillows.


Ana SofĂ­a said...

What a cute dog! I entered your virtual store and oh they're really pretty!
I look forward to the quiz! :D

Amy said...

I can't wait until you start selling the jewelery. I'll take an Anne Bolyn bracelet to wear with my "B" Bolyn necklace!

Jenny Galacar said...

wow! They look great! I tried felting a hat not too long ago and it was quite the process. Fabulous!

Leslie Carroll said...

Carlyn, this is gorgeous stuff! I'd never heard of woll felting before, but you've definitely got a talent for it! The jewelry is amazing, too!

Lucy said...

This is so interesting! I'm going to learn more about your new craft hobby -wanna learn! So I'm headed to your other blog now. BTW, your jewelry is gorgeous. I also make jewelry, plus doggie outfits, illustrate and other artsy fartsy stuff (like my hubby says).

BTW, I blogged about your book today for a challenge..come see:

Lucy said...

Ooops..wrong link-try this:

sorry about that!