Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WWI posters

Melodramatic? A bit. Stark and depressing? Sure. Still, these WWI posters give us an interesting glimpse into the tactics used to elicit support for the war.

A tad obtuse but my personal favorite. I am guessing the message is: give blood or allow your fellow man to get his eyes pecked out by vultures.

Stephen King’s Carrie meets High Noon. Simple yet effective. (1)

Not exactly your feel good “Go Army” approach.

I don’t know about you but if every man I knew was dying in battle, I would get my arse out there and start picking fruit like a crazy lady.

And then I would feel very guilty about any shoe purchases. (2)

This one could totally be recycled for my own deviant purposes. But I won’t. Really, I won’t. (3)

Source: Found at Bibliodessy
A collection of these WWI posters can be viewed at Ball State University's Digital Collection
Teachers can also print out lesson plans to discuss the effect of WWI posters as propaganda devices.

(1) Yes, I searched for the posters with shoes in them.
(2) No lie.
(3) ok that is a lie. I printed this one out and stuck it to my white board. I like the font. 

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Leslie Bulion said...

Some people who haven't read your blog must suffer from the misguided notion that these posters speak for themselves.