Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ripple: Saving the animals of the gulf oil spill

Illustrator Kelley Light has done an amazing thing. Instead of sitting on her butt and whining about the oil spill she has started a nonprofit called Ripple. All proceeds go toward helping clean up the mess and so far she has raised over $9000.

Here is how it works: Artists have donated their art and you can purchase prints for $10.00. Original art is $50.00. $50 is nothing to get an ORIGINAL piece of art.

I would have killed for this illustration by Dan Santat: 

Of course I had to do something melodramatic. My contribution is a painting of the Scarlet Ibis. I will let people know when it is available for purchase.
I chose the ibis because he happens to be a very important bird in the history of mankind. 

oh no, I feel some history coming... 
The ancient Egyptians worshiped the ibis because of his um....hidden talent. This industrious bird can evacuate his bowels by pushing a beak full of water right up his rectum. ouch! Well, when the ancient Egyptians saw the ibis doing his business, they immediately said - my, that looks like fun. According to Pliny (who liked to comment on such things) Egyptians learned the art of clean bowels from the majestic ibis.

Now, doesn't my little enema story make you want this postcard even more? 

Head over to ripple sketches and treat yourself to some wildlife art. 

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