Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lorenzo Lotto and more winged babies up to no good

The above painting, Venus and Cupid  by Lorenzo Lotto depicts a naughty Cupid taking target practice on the nubile bride (represented by Venus) as rose petals cascade across her body. What could have been a romantic wedding night is wrecked by that darn cupid showing up. And clearly, you can see by Venus' pained expression that she would like to strangle cupid with her bridal wreath.

Supposedly, the painting is an allegorical love poem and is described by most art historians as “playful”.* Cupid aiming through the myrtle bridal wreath symbolizes the groom penetrating his new bride while his "playful" christening gives the new bride fertility. I just see it as yet another example of winged babies up to no good. 

*Next time I hear an art historian use the word "playful" to describe this painting, I would like to make them change my baby boy’s diaper in a crowded, restaurant bathroom....after a long drink. Then they wouldn't think it was so “playful.”

Image source:
The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

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