Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fit for a queen giveaway winner!

The winner of this month's jewelry giveaway is.....The Thatcher Family. Congratulations Thatcher Family.

The drawing was pulled from all Twitter and Followers of this blog this morning. Unfortunately, most of you missed the live version including: the runway, the gowns, (I was wearing my best pink bathrobe) the upset, (my daughter was crying because we were ignoring her for two second) the cameras flashing and the applause. No worries. I have artfully reconstructed some of the drama below.

*I am referring to my husband as AH (annoyed husband) because I am told that you should never reveal too much information over the internet.

ME: Twitters or Followers?
AH: What?
ME: Twitters or Followers? (rolling my eyes)
AH: oh...I  know what Twitter is. I heard about that on the news. (trying to look cool).
ME: Twitters or Followers?
AH: Followers. I am sick of hearing about Twitter.
ME: OK pick a number between 1 and 94.
AH: 56
ME: Thanks for playing.

And thus I clicked on my followers gadget and then counted until I reached 56 and that was the Thatcher family (which I think has won before?). To receive this prize, you must be in the US. If the Thatcher family is not then I have to pick another winner.

I am going to try to have another giveaway this month for all of you old school newsletter folks (I know technology is scary). That giveaway is open to US and International contestants. If you are not a newsletter subscriber then you can subscribe here.


Leah Marie Brown said...

I am loving your blog. It is so cleverly designed. Did you do it yourself?

Bearded Lady said...


Yes, the above illustration is a pen and ink by me. The design is by me and the contact image is by Aubrey Beardsley - one of my favorite artists.