Monday, November 23, 2009

Test your wig smarts

I finally have started to get caught up on my sleep and work some more on my next book proposal. It is a subject that I have been researching for the last year, but I am just now starting to pull it together to something that might resemble a book. It is too early to say what it is about, but here are a couple of hints: Hint one: it is dedicated to my daughter who thinks dresses are medieval torture devices and hair cuts are as painful as limb amputations. Hint Two – the quiz below is part of my research.

Anyone who answers the following question correctly will be entered to win Royal Affairs. (last month’s winner never responded to my email). Contest is open to US and International folks.

Which of the following people wore a wig?:

1. Marguerite de Valois
2, Queen Elizabeth I
3. Mary Queen of Scots
4. Louis XIII
5. Louis XIV
6. Charles II
7. Marie Antoinette
8. George III
9. George Washington

Answer to follow in next post…


TIffany said...

I am going to go out on a limb (because I am hard at work and don't have time to do any research!) and say that ALL of them wore wigs. Some obviously did, and others are a little more difficult to say with certainty but I am going to take a completely uneducated guess!

Thank you!


Roberta said...

They all wore wigs.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

YOu don't need to enter me in the contest, but I agree that all of them wore wigs.

Susan Higginbotham said...

I'll add my vote for all of them.

Cenedra said...

I vote for all of them.

Carrie K said...

All of the above?

Stella da Genova said...

Well, being listed among such royal illustriousnesses one would think he might have accepted the kingly title offered to him - but neither he did wear a wig like them (his hair was simply powdered).

- this, along with other wonderful info, is from Mount Vernon Ladies Associateion Web site.

Amber said...

All of them!

Celticlady's Reviews said...

I think that they all wore wigs as was the custom. THanks

carreeokee said...

yep! all of them wore wigs @ one point or another. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Queen Elizabeth 1
Louis XIV
Charles II
Marie Antoinette
Mary Queen of Scots
George Washington

Alexandra K said...

I'm going to say "all of the above"!

DK said...

Akmost all of tehm!

larien37 said...

all of them :)
Wigs were the fashion statements of the day. They showed a person's power and rank. Every person on your list never passed up the chance to not only look their best but to show off their power, wealth and rank with a great wig lol.

Unknown said...

My guess is all of them.

Unknown said...

All of them except George Washington wore a wig.
1. Marguerite de Valois
2, Queen Elizabeth I
3. Mary Queen of Scots
4. Louis XIII
5. Louis XIV
6. Charles II
7. Marie Antoinette
8. George III

cota said...

my frst guess was marie antoinette, but after reading all the names carefully, i realized that all of them wore wigs
take care!

Stella da Genova said...

I'm a typo queen: I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that George Washington was the only one who didn't wear a wig! Silly me. I know I didn't win the contest because of that mistake. I was well-intentioned with the correct answer, just not the delivery of it!