Friday, September 18, 2009

Battling hormones with good news

I have been so cranky this week and crying over everything. Yesterday, I was convinced that when my supply of chocolate milk ran out (a pregnancy craving) that the world was a desolate and bleak place which no sane person would want to inhabit. But then look what I found....good news!

First off, Scandalous Women is soon to become a book. (said in my announcer voice) That's 2011, history lovers can enjoy Elizabeth Kerri Mahon's site in a book store near you. So head over to Scandalous Women and congratulate one raucous writer of history.

Next, Kris Waldherr's beautifully illustrated tarot card deck has officially gone digital. So if you are wondering if you will find true love or financial success, just whip out your iphone and ask your personal psychic.

Lastly, and not quite as exciting...Enchanted by Josephine is having a drawing to win a free copy of The Raucous Royals. And if that doesn't make your heart skip a beat, then you should check out her historical fiction fest.

Fortune not on your side? No worries. Use your smarts instead. Head on over to Everything Tudor for another....yes another chance to win a copy of The Raucous Royals. Just write a short paragraph on your favorite royal.


Passages to the Past said...

It's been a while, but I remember how cranky I was. My friend still won't let me forget how I reamed her a new one after she ate my ice cream!

You found some great stuff - can't wait for S.W. the novel! I so need an iPhone now just for Kris's app and I've signed up for both contests - crossing fingers!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Thanks Amy, and thanks Bearded Lady for the shout out. And congratulations on the new baby!

Ana SofĂ­a said...

All the giveaways are only for USA and Canada :(

kriswaldherr said...

Thanks, Carlyn, for the shout out! I hope you're feeling better—late pregnancy is not for the faint of heart.

Some giveaways are for outside the US and Canada: I'll be giving away 25 copies of my tarot app to some of my mailing list members. The release date for the app is October 3rd (Apple permitting ;).

Bearded Lady said...

Anne Sophie - All the Raucous Royals giveaways are for USA and Canada people BUT the newsletter giveaway this month (A Midwife's Apprentice) will go out to any newsletter subscriber. I don't collect addresses so the newsletter subscribers can be anywhere in the world.

It's really expensive to mail to international folks so I can only afford to do it once a month. And honestly, I actually get a lot of international winners.

Carrie K said...

To be fair, a world without chocolate milk would be bleak indeed. And how do you know for sure that your last bit isn't the last bit on earth?

It was the tales of labor that put me off having kids. Okay, it was also the rotten choices I made in husbands, but I'm not sad to have missed labor.