Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Napoleon!..a dancing Elmo was the best I could do

Today marks the birthday of Napoleon Bonaparte. Later this week, I will be guest blogging at Enchanted by Josephine on the teenage girl that won Napoleon’s heart at St. Helena – Betsy Balcombe. In the meantime, head over to My Napoleon Obsession for a special birthday post.

Why does Napoleon have Elmo's body?
I have been trying to honor Boney’s B-day by giving my 20 month old a reenactment of Napoleon’s life. So far, the best casting I have found is Elmo as Napoleon (he moves when you press his hand and Napoleon’s should never sit still) and Dora the Explorer as Josephine. (if only Dora had Josephine’s fashion sense). She enjoyed my little play until Marie Louise (played by a stuffed cow) kicked Dora off her plastic, purple throne and stole Elmo away. But are never too young to enjoy a good love story. When she gets old enough, I will give her Sandra Gulland’s Josephine trilogies. Let’s just hope I have not ruined it for her by then.


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I wonder what happened to the movie they were going to make about Napoleon and Betsy Balcombe?

Bearded Lady said...

I think it is scheduled for release in 2010. Not sure.