Thursday, June 4, 2009

Win Season Two of The Tudors

Guess the Objects

The first person to guess the objects correctly will win Season Two of The Tudors. The contest runs until the end of the month. If no one guesses any of the objects correctly then I will pick the most creative incorrect response. So if you don't know...take a guess.

To Play:
Write your response in the comments section of this post. I will be giving clues throughout the month until someone guesses the correct answers.

Clue #1:
All of these objects were found in England

Object 1:

Object 2:

Object 3:


Aileen said...

object 1: coins, maybe spainish

object 2: codpiece

object 3: lamp

Andrea Joki / Ajaton Joki Photography said...
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Andrea Joki / Ajaton Joki Photography said...
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Andrea Joki / Ajaton Joki Photography said...

1: Tudor era half angel coins

2: Male chastity belt

3: Bed Pan

ReginaB said...
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ReginaB said...
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ReginaB said...

#1: Angel coins

#2: Codpiece

#3: Bedpan

I swear this is the last time I am changing my mind! LOL (maybe)

Anonymous said...

1. Tudor era coins, there's a H on one of them.

2. Male Codpiece

3. Bed WARMER! not a bed pan... it sets in the fire and a pole can be stuck in the end to lift from the fire and rub on the sheets.

Passages to the Past said...

Cool contest!

1. coins
2. male codpiece (looks very uncomfortable)
3. bed warmer

ReginaB said...

Ok jennifer...

You say bedwarmer...but I didn't find it listed under that. Don't the warmers have lids on them to keep the heat in?

Bearded Lady said...

Whoa!...I thought I would at least get to digest my Cherrios before someone guessed the correct answer. Congratulations Andrea! When you get a second, could you please email me your mailing address at and just let me know in the comment section that you have sent your address because my email gets wonky sometimes.

The first object is a Touchpiece issued by Henry VIII, England, 1543-1547. Henry gave out these coins to heal scrofula. Yes, it is a half angel coin too so...close enough.

The second object is a “male anti-masturbation device” or chastity belt. ouch!

And the third object is a Bed Pan. I really thought it was a bed warmer too. The handle is hollow so that the urine can be poured out and may have also been used for urination. (Is it just me or does anyone else think that peeing into the opening might get a bit messy?)

Anyway, all the images can be found in exhibition Brought to Life.

Some links:

Touch Piece

Male Chastity Belt


If anyone gets to see the exhibtion in person then please let me know what you think. I am too far away but I would have loved to go.

Thanks for everyone playing!

Lisa G said...

Tudor era coins



Andrea Joki / Ajaton Joki Photography said...

Thank you! I sent an email. :)

Andrea Joki / Ajaton Joki Photography said...

Is there a way to identify the coins as being a touchpiece specifically and not regular coinage? Everything I researched didn't really give any clues other than the "H" instead of an "E" identifying the monarch under which they were issued.

BurtonReview said...

A Male chastity belt.
Did they wear it around town?! To bed?

Bearded Lady said...

Andrea - that's funny. I just asked the museum the same exact question. I will let you know if they get back to me. I was also wondering if people ever used a touchpiece as currency.

Katie M. said...

Coins, codpiece, weed pipe.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why they would wear a codpiece or chastity belt? Espically Mr. Henry since we all know he loved to "love" women.

Bearded Lady said...

oh god no. No chastity belt for Henry. :) A king of the 16th century was supposed to have a strong, healthy libido.

The chastity belt is from the 19th century - the era of Freud and Lawrence who taught that masturbation was harmful and led to a range of pathological conditions.

You also might want to check out the museum's description of each of the objects. (the links are in my first post)

Aileen said...

Bearded Lady, those links don't seem to be working.

Bearded Lady said...

oh strange...they work for me? Let me try putting in the full link:

btw, the musuem got back to me on how you identify a touchpiece. Here is what they said:

"the coins do have inscriptions around the rims that identify the monarch who issued the coins. Mainly we have identified the touchpieces through the information that was collected when the touchpieces were purchased at auction in the 1920s."

So looks like you would never know it was a touchpiece just by looking at it.

Andrea Joki / Ajaton Joki Photography said...

I just wanted to leave a note to say thank you - I received the Tudors second season DVD set just fine. And thanks for the extra information about the touch pieces.

suezq said...

#1-Taslismans #2Codpiece perhaps used in battle as part of the armour #3 urinal