Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anne Boleyn's infamous B Necklace

For the Tudor junkies, I found this beautiful B necklace over at the Anne Boleyn Files. I have to confess that I got my B necklace several years ago. (no surprise there!).

I was at a bar one night getting teased relentlessly by friends for being such a history geek. My sister bet me that no one in the bar would know the meaning behind my necklace. I took her up on her bet because even history geeks go to bars. Well, I lost the bet. The answers I got were:

A. Bruins (pleeeease)
B. Boston Red Sox (most common)
C. Boston (acceptable)
(This was before the show Ugly Betty was on)

ah well. I like living in my little Tudor history bubble.


TheAnneBoleynFiles said...

Thank you so much for adding a link to our Anne Boleyn B necklace, I'm so pleased to be able to offer it. I love your story about your night out, I bet that more people would know the meaning now after seeing it in The Tudors. I too like my little Tudor bubble!

I really love your blog, Carlyn!

Remember to enter our article competition to win a contemporary Anne Boleyn necklace!

TheAnneBoleynFiles said...

P.S. I've just added your book to TheAnneBoleynFiles and wiki - it looks a fab book, I'll have to get it.

Bearded Lady said...

Thanks! And yes, you're right about people recognizing the necklace now. I always wear mine on book talks and lately I get more and more people recognizing it as Anne Boleyn's necklace and not as a tribute to the Boston Red Sox.

Unknown said...

oh i am in same tudor bubble with ya.. love them..

Lucy said...

It's a lonely world out there in 'Real Life' LOL! No but seriously, that happens to me all the time when Ijust happen to mention something I read or notice that reminds me of history...people give me the glazed look- So I know how you feel. I just got a Josephine necklace made by Cupids Charms and wore it for Mother's Day. Would you believe I had several people ask me who she was??

Anne Sophie said...

Love it! I want one!
haha ah the same happens to me! I start talking about history and everyone is like 'so what' haha whatever :)

The Anne Boleyn Files said...

So you get the glazed look from people too, Ms Lucy, thought it was just me!
I think it's funny that my three kids all recognize Anne Boleyn in pictures and know loads about her - total indoctrination!

Carrie K said...

Bruins? Boston Red Sox? Good Gawd. Almost as bad as not knowing who Josephine was.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, don't feel bad. For Halloween last year I went to my boys' school in a silver gown with dark red petticoats (my interpretation of what Anne wore to her execution but done on a pauper's income of course) black french hood with silver veil in back, silver slippers and the famous "B" necklace. Most interpreted the costume as "Queen B!" I was shocked, even if they didn't know the exact character for them to think it was some made up, goofy, generic "Queen B!" It gives me a headache all over again just to think of it! ~:P

Princess Lizzie's Mum said...

I LOVE my "B" necklace. I wear it when I have to dress up (ie not leave the house in my usual uniform of jeans and tee). I was wearing it during a family dinner when I noticed that a group of waitresses were whispering and pointing at me. One girl came over and asked me where she too could get an "Ugly Betty" necklace. I explained patiently that I wasn't, in fact, wearing an "Ugly Betty" necklace but in fact a replica of Anne Boleyn's . . . I looked up at her and saw that ever-familier glazed over eye stare. Sighing, I told her she could pick up her "Ugly Betty" necklace at The Anne Boleyn Files.
God bless the Tudor bubble. Viva Anna!

Carolyn said...

I know the feeling! I love "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" It's fascinating!!! But when people ask what I'm reading and I try to explain why it's interesting, they're just like "You're reading a history book?" I need to get me one of these necklaces to polish off my Anne costume for Halloween!

Shako said...

Nope, not me, I live in my little Napoleon Bonaparte bubble, and it rocks! When I entered my high school everybody went blank out when I explained about Napoleon. They kept saying, "Who, Dynamite?" It gets so annoying! Napoleon Dynamite is the reason everything bad happens! Dynamite is the reason that MY Napoleon's name isn't at the top of the search list!

Someone's got to recog that necklace, it's not fair that nobody studies History like we do. They all study Madonna (boo) and Miley Whats-Her-Face (hiss) instead.

We are intelligent people!

Sydney O'Dear said...

Haha my friends do that too. That's why my blog is kinda an outlet for my history nerdiness. But it's most embarrassing/funny when you make a joke and no body thinks its funny because no one knows what you're talking about.