Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ask the Queen

Dear Anne Boleyn,
I have been dating the same guy for 2 months now and he wants me to be his mistress instead of his queen. What can I do to get him to commit? Could this be a sign that I am about to get the ax?
- Coquette

Dear Marie Antoinette,
I have been out of work for a month without a single baguette to eat. I have my first interview on Monday. Do you think my shiny white jumpsuit is the wrong fashion choice? What if I pair it with my feathered headdress? Too much for an interview?

Ever wonder what it would be like to step back in time and get love advice from Anne Boleyn? Or maybe you need some fashion tips from Marie Antoinette. Perhaps you just need a really tough royalty question answered. The above letters are some of the mind-boggling questions answered by royalty guru Kris Waldherr at Ask the Queens.

Just visit the site, submit your question and Kris Waldherr will solve all your royal dilemmas. More on how it works here.


Ana SofĂ­a said...

Oh I thought that I would get a personal not so short answer...

KRiss said...

looks great