Friday, February 20, 2009

How to cover your house in toilet paper

I am honored to receive the excessively diverting award from Enchanted by Josephine and Scandalous Women. These sites are my favorite blogs that I read regularly. My daughter too loves when mommy reads her blogs because, knowing my attention is excessively diverted, she will make her usual mad dash for the toilet paper.

I have recently found some new excessively diverting sites that I want to share with you in case you have missed them. Lately, I am especially obsessed with Victorian life after reading Henry Mayhew’s accounts. Here are some sites that will make you wish you were traveling in a Handsome cab down Regent Street.

The Victorian Era – Where else will your learn the correct way to tie a cravat? And for you love junkies, check out the recent entry on Zoorholts. What? Don’t know what a Zoorholt is? Well, grab your parasol and wiggle your bustle on over…

The Victorian Peeper – Nineteenth- century Britain through the looking glass
I must have read too much Dickens because the recent article on workhouse diets disabused me of the belief that innocent children were left to starve. In truth, the rations of bread, meat potatoes, pudding, cheese and gruel were enough to sustain without developing vitamin deficiencies. How dare that brat Oliver Twist ask for more?

NineteenTeen – being a teen in the 19th century
If you fancy yourself a debutante then you might want to promenade over to the article on Balls.

Curious Expeditions – Traveling and Exhuming the Extraordinary Past
You will find tons of oddities like the Chapel of Bones, Mummified Relic of St. Catherine and the bullet that took President Lincoln’s life.

And if Victorian life isn't your thing than check out these excessively diverting blogs:

Tudor Stuff: History from the heart of England
What do secret letters and oranges have in common? You will have to read the recent article on Tudor secret messages to find out...

My Middle Name is Patience Knitting, reading, lounging around the SF East Bay
Read beautiful poetry, take a break for a history poll or just admire the beautiful knitting. (I don’t knit….but if I did then I wish it would look like some of Carrie’s stuff)

The Period Movie Review - Historical Costumes in Review
This is a can't miss site for you fashion junkies

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Marie Reed said...

Thank you for the list of delightful links! I have become quite hooked to this blog and your work. Bravo!

Passages to the Past said...

Stop by my blog cause I gave you this award too! Haha! Your blog kicks much booty!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks! I'm in such good company here. And alas, it's tax season so my blog is even more neglected than anyone else's right now.