Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get your Napoleon questions ready for the Book Giveaway

Most Napoleon fans are already familiar with J. David Markham’s books. I am very excited to have Mr. Markham as a guest interview at the end of February. You can visit his site to learn more about his books and I also recommend his fascinating Napoleon podcast that covers everything Napoleon from myth to military hero. (My favorite episode is of course the Josephine/Napoleon one!)

For those of you who might not be acquainted with Mr. Markham’s work, here is his biography:

J. David Markham is an internationally acclaimed historian, Napoleonic scholar and award-winning author. For over twenty years he has written and lectured about Napoleon and other historical topics. His other interests include Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar/Ancient Rome, and the French Revolution. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Olympia, Washington, USA. David has taught history and other subjects at the university, college and high school levels, and has received numerous teaching awards and recognitions.

David is President of the International Napoleonic Society, having served as Executive Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief from 1996 until 2008. He has produced a series of International Napoleonic Congresses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and edited two editions of the journal, Napoleonic Scholarship.

David served as President of the Napoleonic Alliance from 2004-2007, and as Executive Vice-President for some years before his terms as president.

A collector of some note, he has one of the world’s finest private collections of Napoleonic snuffboxes, as well as a significant collection of miniatures and engravings. All of the images used in his books come from his collection.

Book Giveaway
Mr. Markham will be giving a signed copy of one of his books to one lucky reader.* I am going to do something a little different for this book giveaway. Instead of doing a random drawing from newsletter subscribers, the winner of Mr. Markham’s book will be drawn from THE TOP FIVE interview questions. Your question can be an author related question or something more specific about Napoleon. If your question is chosen, it will be used in the author interview and entered into the book giveaway. Readers are welcome to enter more than one question. Deadline for entries is February 5th.

Enter your questions below in the comments field for a chance to win!

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US subscribers only for this one, but international newsletter subscriber can win the monthly book giveaway.


Lucy said...

Oh Bearded Lady, I'm Canadian!! Surely you must know about my 'penchant' for Boanparte!
I'm linking you;-)

Amanda said...

Oh this is a wonderful giveaway! I have to admit that Napoleon fascinates me as well. I have a couple of questions.

What inspired you to become such a Napoleon enthusiast?

What is your favorite Napoleonic movies? (My dad was a huge fan of Waterloo.)

And what is your favorite piece in your Napoleonic collection and why?

Carmi Cimicata said...

I know, I know, I'm in Canada...but I will still contribute a question! Where is your favorite place to see Napoleon history? A city, museum,or special site?

Maija said...

Where do you even begin to research the history to write a book?!?!

Marie Reed said...

Was Napoleon really successful in banning La Marseillaise? How often was his anthem 'Veillons au Salut du l'Empire' sung? Was it an official part of all most ceremonies?

Marie Reed said...

Did Napoleon really touch the bobos of the plague victims at Jaffa? Wouldn't he had feared certain death? Or was the image of him doing that pure propaganda on the part of David?

Marie Reed said...

How many snuff boxes do you own David?

Marie Reed said...

How well did Josephine speak Italian? Did she communicate with her Mother in Law in Italian because Letizia wasn't comfortable speaking French?

Bearded Lady said...

Maria, those are great questions!

Shako said...

Napoleon would hate me. I live in his worst enemies territory...and I'd be worshiping him day 'n' nite...