Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conversations in a Talk Balloon and a Book Give away

You may have noticed that I added a monthly newsletter a couple of weeks ago to the Raucous Royals history offerings. I was honored to see how many people signed up for it. I really didn’t think anyone read my silly, little history blog. Someone asked me recently what my “stats” were and I had no clue what that meant. It turns out that there is this thing called Technorati. I joined a couple of weeks ago. If you blog you are supposed to sign up there and they tell you how popular your blog is. It is sort of like high school except you get an actual number ranking to remind you of your social order. If you blog regularly, it will kind of depress you to know how few people read your blog in relation to the amount of people blogging. And if you blog about history…well it just might make you never want to hit your post button again.

But wait I say. Who cares if no one reads your blog. The whole purpose of blogging is to find people who share your passions. Right? With who else am I going to debate the height of Marie Antoinette’s hair? My family and friends don’t even know I blog about history.

I recently tried to explain blogging to one of my nonhistory reading pals. It went something like this:

A Blogging Dramtization in one Act:

Friend: I liked your book. I still hate history, but it made me hate history a little less.
Me: (uncomfortable pause) ah thanks. Did you know I have a blog?
Friend: What’s a blog?
Me: It’s is an online journal where you write articles. Mine is about European History- scandals, rumors, trivia and such. (smug smile on my face)
Friend: Who pays you to write the articles?
Me: Well,… know one really pays me.
Friend: So you are writing for free.
Me: Well…ya sort of (smug smile gone)
Friend: That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Don’t you have a book due in 2 weeks?
Me: I did… but it got pushed back. The deadline is now in 6 months. I couldn’t really make the first deadline.
Friend: hmmm I wonder why?
Me: I throw my coffee over friend’s head and storm out never to speak to her again.

Ok not exactly. But my point to this drama is this: although 1 trillion and 500 thousand people would rather read some other blog, there are still more than 3 people who read my silly ramblings.

And like Pavlov’s dog (except much smarter), I must reward those people (all 4 of you). Therefore, I am doing a signed book giveaway next week for The Raucous Royals but ONLY for the people who have signed up for the newsletter.

Switching to Announcer Voice: But it’s not too late….you too can experience a monthly history newsletter that will give you enough information to astonish your friends, insert useless trivia at cocktail parties and impress your dates. YOU HAVE ONLY TEN DAYS TO ACT. Don’t miss this opportunity. Simply hit the subscribe button below by December 13th and you will not only receive the FREE Raucous Royals Newsletter, but you will also be entered to win a FREE signed copy of The Raucous Royals.

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Heather Carroll said...

Haha Oh I totally know how you feel! I think I can speak for everyone to say we all appreciate you sharing your free words of wisdom and insight.

Passages to the Past said...

You are too funny!

Sara said...

I didn't even know one could subscribe- shows how much I know about blogging!

Bella Sinclair said...

YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED! It's better than money. Though it won't pay the rent.

You have a fantastic blog and your love for history is infectious. Really. My daughter has decided to do a book presentation in her English class on the Raucous Royals. :D

katie said...

i can guarantee that more than 3 people read your blog...

...signing up as we speak!

cota said...

I'm sure there are lots of people that share your me :P

Eric Barclay said...

What an awesome give-away. I'm in! Really love both your illustration style and the way you bring your stories to life.

Teresa said...

WOW! This is great!

I've had your webpage saved and linked for a while now, but just found the blog courtesy of Holly at Wonders and Marvels. LOVING this blog! So, now there are at least 5 people reading here! ;)

Bearded Lady said...

thanks for the support! I will be drawing the winner in a few days.

Meg Wiviott said...

I'm here too, now. Does that bring the number up to six? I just found your blog, but I'm interested in discussing how high Marie Antoinette's hair's certainly more interesting than football!