Friday, August 8, 2008

Curse like an Elizabethan Sailor

Shakespearean Insults
Lately, I keep hearing from well-intentioned friends and family the following phrase, "why don't you write an ADULT book now." Now, I don't mind the friendly advice, but it's the way "adult book" is writing an adult book would be just sooooooo much easier. People who think writing nonfiction for kids is easy either: A. don't have kids or B. have started to forget things like their keys, birthdays, and how much they hated history as a kid.

The Solution: Fling Insults like the Bard
I created this Shakespeare insult generator for those moments when I don't have a creative reply. Some of these insults are already featured in The Raucous Royals but my personal favorite of "gorbellied, onion-eyed, hugger-mugger," didn't make the cut. Enjoy and go insult someone like the bard...